Locations - “the dance of invasion”

Dance will be featured in sites throughout the City of Pietrasanta, both in theatres and in its many varied sites of art and culture. The outside performances to take place in the International Sculptural Park of the city, transform these spaces into improvised theaters.  The dance itself reaches the audience by animating the city and its wonderful artistic sites in a constant “dance of the invasion”.


An innovative form of universal communication, which merges the visual and performing arts, and permeates the civic fabric offering a citywide display for the community, the visitor, and the passerby.

DAP College

DAP FESTIVAL COLLEGE STAGE – Civic Theatre (Teatro Comunale) of Pietrasanta: location of the Master Classes and Performances of the guest Choreographers and of the student performances.

DAP Main Venue

DAP FESTIVAL MAIN VENUE - Stage of the Versiliana, location of the Final Gala Performance.

DAP Outside Locations


The city in its various locations and sites of art and culture.