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Contemporary Class - DAP Festival - 25.02.2017 - 9:30 AM - 'Danza in Fiera', Florence, Italy

DAP FESTIVAL 2017 | PIETRASANTA INTERNATIONAL DANCE AND VISUAL ARTS FESTIVAL Partners: Royal Danish Theater Plus (Copenhagen) | Study Abroad Program Troy University USA | Alabama River Region Ballet

By: DAP Festival - 1st Edition 18/6 - 1/7, 2017

Comune di Pietrasanta, Festival La Versiliana

Royal Danish Plus, New Dance Drama

Master teachers: Sebastian Kloborg, Adria Ferrali, Kim Helweg

Choreography by: Sebastian Kloborg

Artistic Director: Adria Ferrali

Level: Intermedio/Avanzato

Duration: 60'

DAP Festival is assigning Scholarships for its dance and visual Arts Event June 18th/ July 1st 2017. This first edition is partnering Royal Danish Plus and will be Study Abroad of the Troy University USA. The program is offering a rich variety of Master Classes, a Choreographic Platform with International Master teachers and Choreographers. To the best students of the DAP FESTIVAL College there will be the opportunity to be part of the choreographic project of the Royal Danish Plus directed by Kloborg, Helweg and Sørensen and presented in a final Gala at the La Versiliana Festival Stage. The entire series of the events will culminate with a Great Final Gala. The video works will be presented as well. The evening will be dedicated to the assignment of the Awards to Choreography and Visual Arts. DAP Festival / Danza in Fiera Stand n° P10 Piano Attico Padiglione Spadolini. For more informations write to: info@dapfestival.it. or visit the 'Danza in Fiera' website: http://www.danzainfiera.it/en/contemporary-dap-festival.html

Strangers di Sebastian Kloborg


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