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Adria Ferrali is a native of Florence, Italy. She lived for more then eight years in New York City, dancing and specializing at the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, where she trained for an advance degree in Contemporary Dance and was instructed both as a professional dancer and a teacher.  

Her teachers and Directors include Yuriko Kikuchi, Pearl Lang, Sophie Maslow, Bertram Ross, Ethel Winter, Diane Grey, Carol Fried, Peggy Lyman, Linda Hodes, Susan Kikuchi and many more. 

During her carrier as a dancer in the United States she joins the Martha Graham Ensemble, the Martha Graham Dance Company, and the Pearl Lang Dance Theater. With the Martha Graham Ensemble she tours the USA and performs main roles of the Graham repertoire as “Red Girl” in “Diversion of Angels”, “Mary” in “El Penitente” and the lead dancer in “Acts of Light”.  

She also dances intensely throughout the years with the Pearl Lang Dance Theater as a soloist dancer. With Pearl Lang she studied technique and choreography composition establishing a profound personal artistic relationship. 

With the Martha Graham Dance Company, Adria performed in the recreations of Celebration, Steps in the Street, Panorama and danced in Clytemnestra and Maple Leaf Rag at City Center in New York City, as well as at the American Dance Festival in Charleston, South Carolina and other important events. 

In 2010 and 2012, she receives permission from the Martha Graham Dance Company to interpret and revive “Sketches from Chronicle” and “Primitive Mysteries” in Italy. 

In 1993, Adria worked in Amsterdam at the Dutch National Ballet as an assistant and a demonstrator for Yuriko in the staging of Martha Graham’s ballet, Diversion of Angels. 

In 2012, Yuriko and Adria work together on the revival of Yuriko's in Italy. Yuriko also coached her privately in the interpretation of her solo, “Cry”. 

In 2002, Adria is invited by the CID UNESCO to perform at the Nijinsky Festival on the stage of the Kiev National Opera House in Ukraine where in 2003 she is awarded with the Nijinsky Prize as best dancer and choreographer. The following year she is invited by the Italian Embassy in Kiev to perform as guest of honor at the Gran Galà of the Serge Lifàr Festival. 

She was a guest teacher and choreographer at the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen Denmark for seven years (from 2000 until 2007) and her choreographies during that period of time are presented every year on the stage of the Royal Danish Ballet by the Director of the Royal Danish Ballet School Anne Marie Vessel Schlüter as well as Bournonville Ballet Stars as Maestro Flemming Ryberg. Among her students there are dancers of high caliber of the Royal Danish Ballet as Alban Lendorf and Sebastian Kloborg. 

In 2004, she is invited to teach at the Academy of La Scala Theater in Milan Italy where she also joins as a member of the Faculty committee for the final examination of their graduating students. She guest teaches at the “University College of Dance” in Stockholm Sweden for both the dance and the dance teachers department and in 2006 she gives an intense workshop at the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. 

In 2005, she teaches Master Classes at the Boston Conservatory in the USA and she works on the reconstruction and the staging of Martha Graham “Diversion of Angels” as an Assistant to Yuriko.

In 2012, she is nominated as jury member at the "VII International Contest for Choreographers and Ballet Masters" in Novosibirsk, Russia, and guest choreographer and jury member at the Kemerovo State University of Siberia, where she collaborates as jury member for the international Choreography Contests in 2014 as well. 

Chair in Contemporary Dance and Choreography at the Ballet Academy of Göteborg in Sweden from 1999 until 2005, Adria also extensively taught Master Classes and international workshops in Berlin, Cologne, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Ravenna, Cremona, Milan, Florence and Rome. 

In 2008, she is the official presenter and translator at the Alabama Festival in Pietrasanta, Italy, which displayed the artworks of Alabama artists such as Nall, Yvonne Wells, Charlie Lucas and Bruce Larsen and the wonderful music of Bobby Horton, Kent DuChaine and the Birmingham Sunlights. 

In 2009, she is invited to Montgomery, Alabama, as a guest choreographer and teacher by the Alabama State Council on the Arts in collaboration with the Pietrasanta City Hall and the Italian Minister of Culture to partecipate in the Festival “Michelangelo and his Heirs”, where she performs her choreography and teaches Master Classes with her Dance Company at Alabama State Univesity, at Montgomery Ballet and at the Sylacauga Auditorium. 

Subsequently she is invited by Executive Director Miss. Priscilla Crommelin Ball in 2011 and 2012 to choreograph for Montgomery Ballet . 

Adria is Artistic Director and founder of the “Pietrasanta In Danza International Dance Festival 2010”. 

Since 2013 Adria is invited to be the Director of the Modern Dance department of the Alabama River Region Ballet and stages choreographies at the Davis Theater, at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in 2013, 2015 and 2016. 

In 2016, Adria is invited to teach Master Classes at the University of Troy, Alabama where she is Visiting Professor in Contemporary Dance. 

Adria’s choreographies were staged at the Royal Danish Theater in Copenhagen, at the Opera House Kennedy Center in Washington DC, at the National Opera House in Kiev, at the Atlanta Theater, the Thalia Theatre and the Stora Theater in Göteborg Sweden, at the Drama Theater of Kemerovo in Russia, at the Davis Theater and at the Performing Arts Center of Montgomery, Alabama, and also in Italy at the Festival La Versiliana, at Villa Strozzi in Florence, at the Teatro Dante Alighieri in Ravenna, at the Arena in Cremona, at the Teatro Greco in Rome, at the Teatro Comunale Pietrasanta , at the Pietrasanta in Concerto and at the Festival Estate Regina in Montecatini Terme, and many other venues around the world. 

Select International reviews: "A historical evening of dance" Göteborg Posten Sweden, "the show is truly excellent: we dare call it, simply perfect" Musical Magazine Italy,"an evening full of poetry "The Province” Italy,"spectacular interpretation of Adria Ferrali "," an exciting show that has managed to hit the soul and sensitivity of the public" The Chronicle Italy, "superb choice of music ” Montgomery Advertiser. 

“She brings fire and passion for not only dance but ideas…..She also brings a reminder of the standard to which we should aspire. She’s very passionate and energetic, and we’re so glad she’s here” Professor Victoria Lee Averett ,Troy University, Alabama, USA.

Adria Ferrali
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