dap festival guest company

At the end of July 2016 a production team has been defined: the DAP Festival Guest Company.

The DAP Festival Guest Company has resulted in a production at the Royal Danish Theater and at the Civic Theatre of Pietrasanta (February-March 2017). An extract of the production has been presented in Florence at the final Gala of 'Danza in Fiera'. 

Guest Company


Thomas Johansen was born in Oslo in 1979. From the age of 10 he was practicing baton twirling. When he was 19 he entered the Ballet Academy for professional dancers in Gothenburg, Sweden. After B.A he joined European Youth Ballet and New Dance Drama and the Ultimate Dance Company. 

Recently Thomas has been on tour with the contemporary dance performance "Melting Ice" by Birgitte Bauer Nilsen and the contemporary jazz performance "Kaboom" by Subjazz.

Thomas style is fluid, energetic and expressive. He loves the contrast between soft fluidity, long lines, power and attack.



Performed MH17 by Arina trostyanestskaya at Gala Context-Diana Vishneva (Moscow), Danish Dance Theater (Copenhagen). Danced 32 variations and Rød created by Örjan Andersson, Black Diamond by Tim Rushton, Rak Tamid Again by Idan Sharabi and Dor Mamalia, Stravinsky’s Firebird choreographed by Tim Rushton, Carmina Burana created by Alessandro Sousa Pereira and Fabio Liberti. ITDansa Young Company. Performed Kamuyot by Ohad Naharin. Worked with Hillel Kogan and Danielle Agami as assistants of the piece. In Memoriam by Sidi Larbi. Danced Minus 16 by Ohad Naharin.

Sechz Tanz by Jiri Kylian Whim fracured fairytale by Alexander Ekman Petrushka by Catherine Allard (Director of the company) Naked Thoughts by Rafael Bonachela (Assistants: Amy Hollingsworth). Finalist in the National Competition in Castellón (Spain). Workshop and performing a piece of Itzik Galili “Rumming”. Formation in INSTITUT DEL TEATRE (Contemporary line).


Educated at Academia de Dança Contemporânea de Setúbal in Portugal, Ana is a dancer, teacher and choreographer with 22 years of professional experience. In her career as a professional dancer she worked with several dance companies such as Dansk Danseteater (DK), Göteborgs Operan Ballet (SWE), Ballet Gulbenkian (PT), Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporaneo (PT), Ballet Theater Augsburg (GER), Galili Dance Company (NL) CeDeCe (PT) as well as a number of independent dance projects worldwide where she performed and collaborated with many different artists. She has taught contemporary dance, ballet, improvisation, contact improvisation and partnering to students in Denmark (Det Kongelige Balletskole Odense, Det Kongelige Balletskole Holstebro, Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School and in Oure Sport and Performing Arts School), Sweden (Svenska Ballet Skolan and Twisted Feet Dance Academy, Gothenburg) and in Portugal (Companhia de Dança de Almada). Ana was nominated twice for the Dancer of the Year Reumert Award in 2012 and 2014. In 2014 she received a grant from the Balletmester Albert Gaubiers Fond. Recently she was awarded the Gold Medal of Honor from the city of Setúbal, Portugal, for her dance career achievements.


Csongor Szabo was born in 1981. After studying ballet, he graduated from the University of Drama and Film in Budapest. He worked several years in  Budapest and London. In 2007 he joined Danish Dance Theatre in Copenhagen, then the Cullberg Ballet  in Stockholm, in 2010. He danced pieces of Klari Pataky, Benoit Lachambre, Jeremy James, Alexander Ekman, Tim Rushton, Crystal Pite, Adi Salant, Johan Inger and Örjan Andersson, among others. 

Recently he participated in the joint collaboration of Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble, performing Bach's Goldberg Variations with 5 dancers and 11 musicians. 

He lives and works in Copenhagen.

"The goal is to create a piece that combines our three art forms using the sounds of the sculpturing tools, the sounds of the marble of the paint and to have the dancers in the choreography become the sculpture and the sculpture become the dancers.

My inspiration for the piece came through Jørgen Haugen Sørensen’s sculpture ‘The Crowd’.

The piece will depict the human need of belonging to a society, in a family, in belief and even belonging to death, but also what it means to stand outside, alone and that same need of loneliness."

Sebastian Kloborg